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Cruel Style

Beyonce is in the hot seat after a month in the spotlight. She just performed at the Superbowl, made an appearance at the Grammy’s and is releasing her HBO documentary Beyonce: Life is but a Dream. After being named GQ’s sexiest woman of the century, her fame is widespread. But she is now being put […]

Passing on the Pressure (part 2)

Children of celebrities get very special treatment. There are perks of having a famous parent: wealth, fancy toys and clothes, recognition and… nannies? Most celebrity children are raised part time by nannies while mom and dad are away and even more so if both parents are celebrities. Some ask family members to step in and […]

Passing on the Pressure (part 1)

What are our two favorite things about celebrities? Their outfits and their cute kids, but is putting the two together a little too far? Children of the famous are often in the spotlight and are dressed up in designer outfits, heels, makeup and often even hair color. How much comes with the territory of wealthy […]

Taking It Too Far

Breaking News this week, the famous South African runner, Oscar Pistorius, most well known for being the first in the Olympics with artificial legs, is now looking at premeditated murder charges. According to his girlfriend was found dead in his apartment shot four times, in the head, chest, hand and pelvis. His girlfriend was […]

Not Always Enough

This last week Mark Balelo of the new hit series Storage Wars died and it was just announced that it was a suicide. (People Magazine’s website) said he “died after inhaling carbon monoxide and car exhaust fumes; he was said to have been discovered by one of his employees in the garage of his auction […]

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Why do women come back to the men that abuse them? Chris literally broke Rihanna’s face in, sending her to the hospital, nearly biting a piece of her ear off. And less than four years later she is saying he is her soul mate again. “It’s different now. We don’t have those types of arguments […]

Less than Sorry

Speaking of our main man Chris Brown, seems he is yet again in trouble with the law. After nearly killing his former (and now reunited) girlfriend, Rihanna, sending her to the hospital and getting a mandated restraining order, he was forced to do community service to make up for his offense. Even after them getting […]