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Less than Sorry

Speaking of our main man Chris Brown, seems he is yet again in trouble with the law. After nearly killing his former (and now reunited) girlfriend, Rihanna, sending her to the hospital and getting a mandated restraining order, he was forced to do community service to make up for his offense. Even after them getting back together it would have been better if he was truly sorry for his actions, but it just came out this week that he falsified some of his hours. Supposedly he was out of the country performing on some of the dates that he claims he was at a children’s hospital in Virginia, but some claim that he was using his mother to say that he was working at a care center waxing floors when a janitor said he had no knowledge that Brown was there at all over the last seven months.  Either way, it only took him the seven months to to finish 701 hours when previously it took him over two years, but despite everything, Rihanna accompanied Chris to court to support her on again boyfriend. They set a new court date and it seems he’s going to be at least forced to finish any time that he missed. As for the lying, I think the punishment should be harsh, maybe it will finally force Rihanna to leave if he is in jail. The fact that Rihanna got back with still him amazes me. And that she would support him in court when he didn’t even finish the hours he promised to do for hurting her? Have more respect for yourself, woman. Oh did I mention he sent a guy to the hospital last week? And threw a chair through Good Morning Americas window? You found a keeper Rihanna. Good one. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/02/accusation-fly-over-chris-brown-community-service-records.html and http://www.theboombox.com/2013/02/06/chris-brown-community-service-hours-update/


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