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Passing on the Pressure (part 1)

What are our two favorite things about celebrities? Their outfits and their cute kids, but is putting the two together a little too far? Children of the famous are often in the spotlight and are dressed up in designer outfits, heels, makeup and often even hair color. How much comes with the territory of wealthy parents versus being pushed to grow up too fast? UK’s MailOnline says that it maybe that parents are trying to buy their children’s love with clothes. Hollywoodlife.com says that it is to keep up appearance and it is a reflection on the parent’s “coolness.” But also if you are putting your child in designer clothes you’re expecting people to see them. My worry is that if the child starts really young being dressed in designer clothes, they could feel pressured to keep that image. Studies do show that the younger the child is in the spotlight, the more pressure they feel and more often they will struggle in the limelight. The key is finding the balance of letting your child be a cute stylish kid and making sure to not add pressure and draw attention when not needed.  ImageImage


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