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Passing on the Pressure (part 2)

Children of celebrities get very special treatment. There are perks of having a famous parent: wealth, fancy toys and clothes, recognition and… nannies? Most celebrity children are raised part time by nannies while mom and dad are away and even more so if both parents are celebrities. Some ask family members to step in and help and others make sure one parent is home while the other is away, but most use a nanny at least part time. According to the Urban Institute’s study Child Care Arrangements for Children Under Five, only 24% of kids are taken care of solely by their parents. And even though nanny families only take up 7% of Americans, most of them are in the wealthy class (probably because they can afford it.) Social Science Research Network’s study A Flying Start? Long Term Consequences of Maternal Time Investments in Children During Their First Year of Life says that the more time a mother spends with their child at a young age, the less likely they are to drop out of school and the more likely to have stronger parent bonding with their child. Time away from mom and dad may add to the pressure of being a celebrity child, because of emotional instability of different nannies raising them versus a strong bond with parents. Violet and Seraphina, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s kids, go to the park with their nanny.Image


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