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Ulterior Motives

Televising people in difficult situations can persuade people not to following in their footsteps…unless all they want is to be on tv. The problem with shows like Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant is that some girls are deliberately getting pregnant (or re-pregnant) to get a little air time. Once you have been through the […]

Extremely Dedicated

30 Seconds to Mars singer, Jared Leto, got a little more than he bargained for in his fan mail. When opening a package, he found a note saying “Are you listening” attached to a severed human ear. The singer felt he needed to share his gift with the world and uploaded a photo to instigram […]

Finding Love in the Limelight

There are three main things that everyone wants in life: to feel good about themselves, to be successful and to find someone to love. We have tv shows to make you thinner, we have shows about becoming the best at your job, so naturally we have shows finding your one true love. But the chances […]

Signature Features

Quick funny story of the day: Jennifer Love Hewitt says she should insure her boobs for millions of dollars. Being on the show, The Client List as a call woman, they have become well-known throughout tv watchers of America. She told USA Today,”I need, like, an insurance invitation. If somebody was like, ‘Hey, you know […]

Living Above the Law

Celebrities always seem to be getting off the hook for crimes they commit just because they are famous. They get a slap on the wrist instead of the hard time anyone else would get.  Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab, paid her fines and done her community service hours for her crimes, but she spent […]

Fighting to the Top

In order to get famous you really have got to pull out all the stops. You could always start on YouTube like Justin Bieber. You could get a reality show for your completely insane life like Toddlers and Tiaras, Gypsy Girls, Finding Bigfoot, Hoarders, the list goes on.You could have an affair with someone famous […]

Learning to Take a Joke

Poor Taylor Swift feels like she is being picked on for her love life. Swift, 23, supposedly has gone out with 19 boys the last few years, ranging in ages between Taylor Lautner at 17 and John Mayer at 32. Many talk shows, comedians, even celebrity news sites have picked up  her dating record and […]