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A Slight Advantage

Would it seem fair to you if your daughter is had to compete to sell Girl Scout cookies with a celebrity child? How about if that starling started selling boxes by the thousands by web, advertising on her own show? According to TMZ, TLC’s infamous Honey Boo Boo is doing just that. Turns out Honey is not even a Girl Scout herself. The site says she is helping a Scout friend by advertising to her 700,000 fans. The HollywoodGossip confirms the news saying, the Girl Scout Foundation gave them several warnings and then cut off the campaign saying that “‘online selling is off-limits, because it defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies’ — to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting and people skills.” More than just using unfair media, how can other children compete with the notoriety of the famous? It may cause resentment from normal kids that can’t compete, but as for the public… they eat up the drama. (Quite Literally). Image


One comment on “A Slight Advantage

  1. How unfair! The whole point of the cookie sales is that community member’s money goes to a community girl scout troop. Stay local!

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