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Fighting to the Top


In order to get famous you really have got to pull out all the stops. You could always start on YouTube like Justin Bieber. You could get a reality show for your completely insane life like Toddlers and Tiaras, Gypsy Girls, Finding Bigfoot, Hoarders, the list goes on.You could have an affair with someone famous like Kat Von D who got her own tattoo show from doing Sandra Bullock’s husband. Maybe get rejected on Bachelor? Ask famous mommy and daddy to help? Go on Disney Channel? And my don’t forget about my personal favorite, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Psychology today says that fame is our goal because we desire recognition, praise and a boost in our self esteem. Then why are we so willing to put our reputation on the line for the spotlight? Well, money helps. Forbes’ Richest People claim that Oprah has made over $2.6 Billion, Raulph Lauren $7.5 Billion, JK Rowling $910 Million for talking, making clothes and writing stories. People feel that if they can get a piece of the action they may be able to get some mullah and make a name for themselves. Some would be willing to do just about anything for a little bit of fame.



One comment on “Fighting to the Top

  1. I really like the theme of your blog, celebrity life and the culture that surrounds it is always interesting. Just by reading your first post, its obvious that you know your stuff on pop culture and it shows through all the examples you detail. Your links and pictures compliment your content really well and it makes you seem as a more credible writer within the celebrity sphere.

    The one criticism I would have would be to put more of your voice in your writing. You clearly are intelligent and know what you are talking about, so I would like to hear more about what you think.

    Overall, great blog and I am definitely going to come back so I can keep up with the latest celebrity gossip and news.

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