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Living Above the Law


Celebrities always seem to be getting off the hook for crimes they commit just because they are famous. They get a slap on the wrist instead of the hard time anyone else would get.

 Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab, paid her fines and done her community service hours for her crimes, but she spent less than 15 days behind jail bars overall out of the 2oo+ days she accumulated and could have been sentenced to in the last four years.  She is in trouble again for breaking probation and is begging not to go back under house arrest. Before you feel too bad for her being  back on lock down, let me tell you that the estate in Beverly Hills she was in last time, has an indoor spa, two Jacuzzis and a heated outdoor infinity pool. She still had her own personal chef, trainer and stylist come to visit and just had to do her shopping online.

Lohan has been in trouble and convicted of driving under the influence (multiple times), possession of cocaine twice as well, theft and money fraud for her serious sentences. She has gotten into trouble on top of that for missing court dates, violating probation and lying to officers. What is the average jail time for small robbery cases? 5½ years according to the Bureau of Justice System. How about cocaine possession? Anywhere between 4 months-15 years.

Many feel that it is extremely unfair that these celebrities should get shortened sentences or other options than jail time when they are doing significant crimes.

“If anyone got to chose between jail or house arrest obviously I would certainly chose sitting by my pool and having my nails done,” Mckenna Fish says. “But I would never get to chose cause I’m not famous. Lindsay is lucky her daddy is rich enough to bail her out over and over again.”

Some people think that the system is to blame because the judges haven’t done much to change the outcome.  “I think that if she had faced more consequences, maybe she would have at least been scared enough to not do those things again. Maybe she would have figured it out by now,” Lindon Belshe says. “It just shows society that you can get away with things because of your wealth, status or family.”

“I think that celebrities should be punished even more than everyone else because what they do influences the young minds of society. They think they are above the law and they aren’t,” Trace Lind says.

But have times shown they are above the law? That’s for you to decide.


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