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Finding Love in the Limelight


There are three main things that everyone wants in life: to feel good about themselves, to be successful and to find someone to love. We have tv shows to make you thinner, we have shows about becoming the best at your job, so naturally we have shows finding your one true love. But the chances of a television romance making it the distance, is slim to none. Out of the 24 seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ only 3 couples have lasted (hopefully 4 cause I like Catherine and Sean in the most recent season).

But the fact that a women will share a man with 25 other women for 6 weeks, amazes me. Who would want to watch the guy you supposedly love, kissing everyone else?

But there are nearly 50 different dating game shows and reality shows on tv these days, so we must see something in it.

We are entertained by the drama and moved by the romantic notion that there is true love in the world. But it’s false, America. It probably won’t last. And it most likely isn’t even real to begin with. Adding a judging audience and a bunch of cameras to a group of competing women doesn’t make them act normal. Half of them just want enough publicity to become a celebrity themselves or maybe get their own show, and the few that do care usually go home crying.

Just saying, it’s hard enough to find love in the real world; I wouldn’t want to add a spotlight.



One comment on “Finding Love in the Limelight

  1. Funny how after every season of the Bachelor there’s all sorts of horrible drama and backlash. Doesn’t seem to be working, does it!?

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