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Unrealistic Standards


One of the luxuries of being rich and famous is having hair and makeup people on speed dial. Though there are a few naturally stunning faces in Hollywood, many aren’t as flawless as they seem.

Having a 24/7 style team is a given for most stars since they are expected to be photographed every time they walk out their door. It’s understandable with the pressure they are under to want to look good for all the cameras, BUT it gives the rest of us an unrealistic standard to try to meet. No one can be that beautiful all the time, not even them. Hours every day are spent in hair and makeup, and then they are Photoshopped to look even better.

We base our self-image on how we feel we compare to what society thinks is desirable. And society is saying these celebrities define that “desirable.” People just don’t realize they can never keep up and it ruins their self-esteem.  BBC Health says that low self-esteem can cause anxiety and depression. Experts say that they can lead to eating disorders, sexual promiscuity, isolation, even criminal activity.

The reality of it all is that these stars aren’t as different from us as we make them to be, but we force them into this false image because we watch them all the time. Then we compare ourselves to these unreal people and feel bad because we can’t compete with them. But it isn’t cheap being flawless.

Seriously, watch this Dove Evolution Commercial of a supermodel getting ready for a billboard campaign. It will blow your mind.


Photos: Victoria Secret Angels before and after their makeup, hair and Photoshopping.


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