Going Nude


It is always a big deal when stars go nude for the first time on camera.

According to Hollyscoop, there are celebrities that still refuse to nude scenes. Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba have talked about no-nudity clauses in their movies.

But many people think that a star needs to have done a nude scene before they can become really acclaimed. Even Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews have posed nude before. They say to give all for the art. When you play a character that is promiscuous, you often have to bare some skin, and it seems that all the good characters these days are a bit promiscuous.

The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) explains that anything below PG-13 cannot show full nudity as well as any TV show that does not label itself as 13 and above.

But sex sells. HBO’s Game of Thrones has gotten a lot of comments on its extreme number of sex scenes and fully naked bodies. It shows the full front and back of women, though only men from behind. But the stars were aware of the hyper sexuality when coming onto it, and it has also sparked the show. And now it is not only a hit but winning Emmys.

In fact over 90% of the women winning Oscars and Emmys have shown the world what their momma’s gave them.

So it goes back to the question, do you need to drop dress to be the best?



3 comments on “Going Nude

  1. I am a huge fan of celebrity news so I love your blog. My blog is actually about celebrities as well. I was interested in this post particularly because I am a fan of Game of Thrones. Getting all of the Hollywood news I need in one place is very convenient. Good work!

  2. For some reason we gravitate toward celebrity-anything. Though I don’t follow celebrity news all the time, I am always stopping by the news stands on my way out of king soopers…to catch up on the newest scoop that I say I don’t care about. It is interesting to me and actually refreshing to know that some celebrities refuse to pose nude for the cameras.. but in someways it has to be hard for new and upcoming actors to keep those clauses because that has to limit their casting-calls… interesting topic, thanks for posting!

  3. I think there are tons of actors that haven’t gone nude and their success speaks for itself. Although it’s definitely interesting how one nude scene can change the course of someone’s career! Very interesting post!

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