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Joining the Cause


Stars are all joining the cause of… causes.  Celebrities are now finding charities organizations to donate toward and advocate for, and they should. It’s one way to use their wealth and power for good…But is it for good or to look good?

From world hunger to child education, substance abuse and the arts, Look to the Stars (the top celebrity charity site) identifies nearly 3111 celebrities working with different causes internationally. We all know of Angelina Jolie’s adoptions and Oprah’s schools, but some stars are reported to use these organizations to boost their appearance (especially after a PR disaster), get tax breaks or just do it because they are required to by their contract.

CBS Cares has 50 charities that it openly supports, actors in their big tv shows are required to do public service announcements as a part of their contract. The organization does donate $2mil worth of PSAs but it’s really not up to the individual. According to Fox News, Lamar Odom is facing criticism for some financial discrepancies with his charity, Cathy’s Kids. After his mother passed away of cancer, it was made to raise funds for cancer research and underprivileged kids. Looks like he has spent the $256,000 that they are in the red, on two elite basketball travel teams instead. Lindsay Lohan has been using her charities to try to get some positive PR after her third house arrest and current rehab trip. Some of the charities she supports are the Red Cross, Hear the World and BID 2 BEAT AIDS.

But once in a while when celebrities are really passionate about a cause, it can be really moving. Check out Elle singing with an underprivileged children’s choir, seriously makes me cry.



One comment on “Joining the Cause

  1. this is a super interesting topic! I’ve thought this same question quite a few times myself. And I love all the multimedia components you incorporated!

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