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Pressures Adding Up


With so many pressures put on those who step into the spotlight, are stars inevitably going to have to crash at some point? Most celebrities have had at least one bad moment in the press. Look at Reese Witherspoon who doesn’t like doing nude scenes or showing too much of her personal life to the public and she is on national TV for yelling at a cop that he should know who he is talking to?

Do you think that crazy people become celebrities… or they become crazy because they are celebrities?

“I am so thankful that I am not watched all the time because I’m sure everyone would think that I am crazy because I’m kinda a weird person,” McKenna Keeney said. She feels that everyone in the spotlight would have rough  moments because magazines are trying to sell stories and crazy sells. “Think of how many  bad moments you’ve had in your life and now imagine if they were all photographed, blown out of proportion and published all around the world! I probably would go crazy from all the pressure.”

One thing that appears to be a pattern, is that if you start in the spotlight young, you’re more likely to struggle. In earlier posts, we have looked at some of the pressures of having famous parents. Being raised by nannies and having to travel all the time doesn’t foster a healthy growing environment.  Having to look and act perfect to reflect well for mom and dad adds stress too. Being given everything you could ever want without having to work for it also adds to the future diva. And never really knowing who are your real friends can add insecurity as well.

Abbie Nienaber doesn’t really like the stars put their kids in positions where they are heavily seen in the media. “Poor kids that are raised under all that stress. They don’t get a real childhood, you know? It’s their parent’s fault for not protecting them.” She goes on to say that it would be one thing for someone to choose a life of fame knowing the consequences and what they are giving up, but these kids don’t have a choice. Once you’re in the limelight, you always will be.

If we look at the list of now struggling child stars we see it isn’t short. Cute Lindsay Lohan went from the Parent Trap to trapped under house arrest, on drugs, with awful plastic surgery, in debt and probably going to jail. The Amanda Show has taken a turn for the weird as Amanda Bynes changes her face and mood every 30 seconds. And everyone knows of the infamous Britney Spears meltdown where she shaved her head because “she was warm.”

“It breaks your heart when your favorite star falls off the deep end,” Noami Blumenburg said. “I grew up with the Amanda Show and All That. I watched all her movies and I idolized her. And now I wouldn’t even recognize her on the street.”

Studies show that the more pressure there is as a child to be flawless the more likely they are to reach their breaking point or need to rebel.



One comment on “Pressures Adding Up

  1. Amanda Bynes is completely out of control, living in crazy town. You should check out her latest videos she’s posted on twitter! Leave it to the child stars…Great quotes by the way!

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